Three things on FS700 II


The camera nerd corner of the interwobble is alive with rumours of a FS700 replacement (or suchlike). Such a camera could be very interesting offering a better onboard codec than the FS700 (and my PMWF3) and with a the Sony E-mount offering more interesting lensing options than the Sony F5/55. Of course onboard ND is a major upgrade on my FS100.

Hopefully Sony is working on the firmware still. Here are three ideas to make the camera really sweet.


1) S+Q button should keep the shutter angle consistent.

With the 100/700 the procedure to keep shutter at 180 is.. engage S+Q, change settings on the shutter angle – 3 pointless adjustments.

2) Make any crop/digital zoom modes assignable to a one touch button

Digitally cropping in with one touch would be a boon to event shooters

3) Focus check.

Make any focus check and the histograms (wave form please!) feed out, optionally, to external monitors.


 photo 145844n1e0lepal1lld7yk_zpsab24bc5c.jpeg 


written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion