Steadicam Pilot, VLock and Transvideo Monitor


My Transvideo monitor needed a longer power lead than the standard in the Pilot Loom, this was modded by adding a BNC which is safely tied to my monitor holder

The Transvideo monitor is amazingly visible in daylight which is a huge step for operability of the little Pilot rig

At the rear of the rig you can see a hawkwoods Vlock plate  added on top of the Pilot AA box Рfar cheaper than a Vlock upgrade from Tiffen!

Why do this?

Vlock power will run the rig for 4 hours with no embarrasing downtime or lost shots on set, the daybright monitor means the operator can see their shot composition even outdoors on a sunny day



written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion