Soft Daylight Source


I have been hunting for an affordable large soft daylight source to shoot with. The rig is two PhotonBeard Redheads gelled to daylight shot through a lastolight scrim

Its probably the best soft daylight source I can create under £1000

Unlike a softbox I can move the two stands easily including through doors, and If I need a bit more welly I can just move the scrim out of the way (at a cost to the quality of the light of course)

Gelling is easy – again problematic with a softbox

I have ordered a double header to neaten (and reduce the cost) of the grip under the lamps

One can vary the quality of light by changing the distance between the reflector and heads, or by switching a head off..

The lasto fits nicely into the roofspace in my van – I hate setting things like that up on location..

Why do this?

A large daylight source means that one can shoot interiors with the windows showing which gives depth to the shot and avoids a blue or yellow cast in the shot



written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion