Davinci Resolve; Grading an Interview Shot

Backlot, FS100

After a positive response to my last post on Resolve for Newbs here I step through correcting a shot from an interview – it is shot on the Sony FS100 and has those famous Sony reds in the skin, which I have now reduced in camera with my Ferrari Profile.

To see the effect of each ‘move’ look at the image above; 

Here is the untouched image sitting in Resolve.


Basic Correction

I take out a little of that Red and also bring the blacks down using a negative ‘lift’ and the luminance curve


Desaturate Face – Dark Side.

The shadows on his face are still a little red so I enter ‘qualifier’ and click on his face shadow, you can see the area caught in the node panel – if you want to check the area you have caught with the qualifier you can press (caps/arrow up) H

I find the qualifier can be improved (for this purpose) by adding a softness value.

At the bottom of the image you can see the saturation is set to 39 (were 50 is fully saturated)

Burn the Background

To bring focus on the subject i have darkened the background, Ive lasooed his face and the tracked that lasoo, I then inverted the selection, to get everything but the face, in the second grab you can see Ive darkened the background with the luminance curve and corrected the green cast on the wall with the green curve


Kill the Dodgy Highlights

If you look at the images above you may note the green shift in the blown window. I have captured that area using the qualifier and ramped the saturation down to zero, you can see I missed a bit of yellow – slack!



Here is the before and after again..



written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion