Choosing a Broll Cam; 5d2 or Nex5n


Im going to try and persuade people to allow me to do some Broll shots with my Sony Nex5n, this is a role my canon 5dmk2 often plays. People accept the 5dmk2 in this role, but will need persuasion to not laugh at the diminuitve Nex5n.

The NEX5n is so so small that I can do things with it that the 5d is too big and heavy for, like, for example,  put it in a pouch on my belt, or mount it above my FS100 on a handheld rig- to me that is a massive physical gain, the camera is particularly tiny used with the 16.2.8 pancake (not seen).


The test shot was done ‘light’ and ‘dark’, I adjusted the ISO to get an exposure, the values of those ISOs is not relevalant.

I used a nikkor 35-70 and the zoom to match framing.

Light Test.





FS100. (here note that the second 2 create ‘false detail and fail to represent actual detail shown in the FS100)


5d mk2


Shadows in the light image. (here we are looking at shadow noise, not sharpness, this portion of the image is out of focus)





Dark Image underexposed at 1600ISO  – I did not show the FS100 here as I messed up the exposure due to the menu system!

Download the file to have a look.




The FS100 is a different class of camera from both the 5d2 and Nex5n.

The Nex5n seems to come a clear second.

One can only wonder if my Nikkor lens is a lot softer at 70 than 35.


Pedants Corner. 

Some question was thrown at the NEx5n and then 5d result looking particularly poor.

After some ping pong with the original files I can only put this down to WordPress recompressing the jpg images you are seeing.






written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion