Moving Off


Playing with the Nex5n camera.. it is tiny. Ive made a little rig for my Steadicam Pilot. Its a work in progress as I have an analogue monitor and the NEX5 gives out HDMI only; a nut to crack.

This is interesting when used in a vehicle. Unlike a camera hard mount to the vehicle, the camera is stabilised from vehicle movement, and very very quick to set up and shoot from different angles. Some shots, like near the steering wheel, I guess may not have been done with a Steadicam before.

The modification to the Pilot means that I can point the camera back towards the driver. Im working on smooth pans, but not there yet.

I also managed to fly the camera into the vehicle and depart, as a ‘oner’ shot.

One of the best in car shots, with a moving camera was in Children of Men. The rig(below) involved deconstruction of the  car, and a lot of specialised kit.

I think any in car shooting with a moving camera with a rig that cost less than £10000 is pretty interesting.

Children of Men – car rig, first cut up your car..

And their amazing shot!

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Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion