Mechanized Ghost

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This film I was the DOP – director of photography – it was a graduation film for Chris Krubeck

I like the sound design which adds another dimension. I hope I did a reasonable job on the lighting design to create a slightly futuristic feel with just four lights and some coloured gels

The video above is just a selection of shots that I lit/operated you can see the full cut here


Lighting on a Budget.

Some viewers may be interested in the budget lighting to create a ‘sci-fi’ look;

A silver board controlled exterior contrast and gives a catchlight

Using my Highlight for Key, and a box for rear fill on the right. Two red gelled Redheads have the barn doors closed to slits to create a practical effect..

Wildly darkened in post our man is lit by a kino and backlit with a green gelled dedo..

A red gelled readhead shines on the background and a green one to the left, our man passes a homemade flouro box light..

The steadicam through the corridor I allowed the lights to show – my flouro ‘box lights’ frame right some LED rings create an interesting practical effect that I decided was the ‘corporate logo’ of our futuristic company..

The final scene I blue gelled my Kino and filled from above with by mildly green box lights..






written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion