I hope to be able to fully kit a small to medium production. Creating cost savings for my clients by reducing rental administration and presenting the correct tools for the job in pre-configured packages

See also camera grip gallery


A Camera; Sony FS7 – Cinematic Images with Onboard Sound, 4k, Slo-Mo, 10bit colour


B Camera; Panasonic Gh4/Yagh

  • Small light cinematic 4k camera
  • XLR, SDi connections, Vlock power
  • Slr Magic 12mm lens, adapters

C Camera; Sony EX1 – The classic ‘corporate’ camera

  • Sony EX1 1080 Progressive up to 30FPS 1/3 traditional look sensor, onboard sound with Sony kit shotgun mic
  • 2 off 8Gb SxS cards

D Camera; Rugged Body Sony Nex5n – super small with S35 chip; for mounting, vehicles and tight spots

NEX5n car mount at night.

DJI Ronin M

  • DJI Ronin
  • Ronin Remote Focus
  • Black Magic Micro Camera

Go Pro Hero 3

  • WideOpenCamera, metal cage with three point mount mod
  • ultralight mount
  • handheld jib

A Sticks

B Sticks

  • Miller solo legs with Manfrotto head

Camera Grip

  • 3meter fast dolly convertible with arm for ultra lo mode or wall scraping,
  • suction car mount kit
  • 100mm hi-hat (mini tripod)
  • table dolly for hi hat
  • misc mounting devices
  • small Blackbird camera stabiliser
  • rickshaw – towed by bike or runner

Lighting Package

  • Photon Beard 6 Tube Daylight
  • 3 off 800 redhead
  • 2 off Dedo DL4 with diachronic daylight filtration and 12v adapter(X1)
  • 1k Tungsten wash light
  • 2 greenish flouro boxes
  • Arri Cstands and misc lightweight stands
  • 6Ft Lastolight scrim
  • 8X4 overhead with white and net curtain
  • Sandbags
  • misc arri grip
  • misc LED rope, LED torches, daylight bayonet bulbs
  • 2 off 100w Elinchrom heads
  • misc reflectors up to 3X3

Steadicam Pilot – Modded for outdoor use

  • Transvideo daylight monitor
  • Vlock power
  • vehicle hard-mount options

Director/Remote Monitor Package

  • For crane and other shots
  • SmallHD Dp1x (720HD)
  • Vlock Power
  • Sunshade
  • Rigged for handheld use or attachment to a C-stand


  • VLock 100w/hr x3
  • VLock 70w/hr x 1 (steadicam)


  • 2008 Peugeot Boxer, professionally insured 2.35m roof height

Location Computing

  • 27in iMac (FCP6, Adobe PS , Capture One 7Pro, Resolve Light, Licensed)
  • 15in powerbook

Cinematic Extras

  • manual nikkor primes, 14, 24, 28,35,50,55,85,100-300,400 2.8
  • clapboard
  • Sound Devices 702 Audio recorder (Sony N, 240v, and Vlock cables)
  • Extra misc lens filtration
  • 3 off canon/nikon adapters, 3 off sony/nikon adapters
  • Tamrac bag

Stills Photography

  • Nikon D3/D600 with 20-35, 50, 55 micro, 70-200
  • Hasselblad H1 with 35-50-80 22mp Sinar digital back
  • Nikon D80 with 24-120 zoom
  • Quantum location flash X 2
  • Pocket Wizard remote flash trigger system
  • 2 Billingham bags
  • Elinchrom Studio Flash

Ive probably got it in my studio

  • 20ft green screen
  • 5m X10 white vinyl
  • black sheeting
  • white sheeting
  • clips, clamps,
  • Elinchrom studio flash X6
  • tools, jigsaw, router, drill, angle grinder

Photo Studio

  • 50sqm
  • shoot space


  • Nikon D4 Sea and Sea Housing
  • Small Camera housing – 5d etc
  • Strobe unit
  • Video cam – waterproof box