Interview Light


The image above is badly exposed in the iphone snap!

This is the scene in my studio shooting some of the shots for Allies Farmhouse film.

The key light is my 6 tube Photon Beard daylight light

The hair light is a DEDO DLH4 and on the background is another DLH4 creating the ‘swipe’ (hidden behind the black cloth)

The black cloth is keeping the background under exposed – the left is flagging the key light, the right is stopping reflection from the white wall

The white board creates a little fill on the dark side of the face

Under the laptop is a white board and an led torch to give the black laptop a little feature reflection

The DL4 at the rear was boomed to keep the stand out of shot and allow more variance of camera angle

The laptop is ‘cheated’ up higher on a box to keep the framing tighter

The ‘desk’ is a 70s door from a reclaimers yard


written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion