So the new Sony is ‘out’.. the FS7

To me the FS100 was a sort of breakthrough camera – but it had a ‘thin’ file and no ND filters, and no simple to access focus check, it also missed a decent ‘RnG’ zoom lens, the SpeedBooster sorted that as my 28-85 started ‘working’ properly to offer a wide a mid and a CU with no lens changes.

The F3 gained ND but lost the Speed Booster and still had a thin Codec unless you added a recorder, the Sony F3 with a recorder is too heavy for solo RnG work.

The PMW F5, had a fat codec, and ND but still had no focus check (at the finger) and also without the SpeedBooster really is only useful for ‘RnG’ with a costly Cabrio 19-90 lens, the body is a little heavy – but OK.

The FS7 seems to have the basics covered to actually be a practical tool for solo operation.

-Focus check
-Speed Booster
-Fat enough codec
-Light enough to carry
-High frame rates to stablise moves and impress clients.

And that makes it a breakthrough camera!

To hit perfection I hope the camera can be configures (when shooting 1080) to have a single button to engage a digital zoom.. and an option keep the shutter at 180 when HFR is engaged.

The bit at the back

You know what – I dont like the look of that – I guess if you are looking to move to raw or prores a PMW F5 might be a better option.. and the price closer than one thinks.

The 28-135 lens

This is the perfect lens length for shooting with a full frame camera, using a ‘crop’ S35/APS sensor a 19-90 or suchlike is far more versatile. Frankly I think Sony got something lost in translation with this one and built completely the wrong range for S35 cameras


written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion