Sony FS100; The Ferrari Profile

Backlot, FS100, Video Fun and Tests

Skin tone test, this is footage processed in Premier with no grading.

If you have ever driven a fast car you will know that one flick of the gas pedal can put you in a spin or land you in the ditch.

But there is nothing like a twitchy gas pedal to put a smile on your face and a tiger in your tank.

And that is how my FS100 camera is tuned right up.

My colour profile is designed for minimal grading.. which means minimal banding, which means a smooth file even with a little grade

But it this profile contrasty – it wont bear an exposure error, and will get noisy if you up the ISO, it certainly does not maximise your DR – you have to do that with lighting design

This is a profile for accurate shooting and using lights or reflectors when you need them.

Its not for protecting the highlights – its for letting them blow without colour banding – or protecting them with lighting design

Also – it is super sensitive to colour balance, my latest test, above I use auto click on a grey card for every shot, my earlier FS100 shoots are to some extent challenged by getting my colour balance off – 200k error and I think you are knackered.

So the Ferrari Profile?

Black Level + 2 : with such a hot top end we need to lift the blacks (and risk noise)

Gamma Cinetone 1 : IMO give the cleanest highlights

Black Gamma High+7 : again lets lift those blacks

Knee 105 +2 : the accelerator is pressed to the max – avoid nasty roll off at the cost of loss of DR

Colour Level +1 : Increasin the saturation means you can desat in post – you can subtract saturation in post without breaking the file.. but cant add ┬áso too much colour is a good start point for your grade

Colour Phase -4 : Dial out those Sony magenta skins with one swipe – the magic wheel

Color Depth R-3, Y+2, more battering of the sony skin tones into shape










written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion