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DVH is the younger brother of an old work mate of mine. He wanted a little help getting some stuff for his acting reel.

The usual situation; no budget, no crew, little time.

Anyway, I sort of came up with a semi plot of some kind of journey with a touch of being followed watched or on the run.

Darcy came up with a backstory of being an ex forces type doing ‘that last freelance job’ to clear his debts to give his acting some direction.

Shot with a mix of my FS100 on a big rig and for my Sony NEX5n on a little rig.

The opening sequence was shot very fast at Fleet services with some interest from the security there, Its a location I had spotted as I seem to need coffee on the M3 a lot and it harks back to the scene in Layer Cake where the Northeners and Southerners meet at the Watford Gap services.

For this I used my NEX5n

Before that we had done the carkpark sequence in a car park in Basingstoke. I used my Nikkor 100-300 5.6 for this at 300, far too long to hand hold ‘sensibly’ – I feel the telephoto lens and reframes give a feel of surveilance, enlarged by my stolen shot of a passer by with a mobile.

The driving shots were done with the Nex5n handheld as we cruised for locations – Id like to have spent a little more time getting a bit more tech with them.

We found a nice phone box with broken glass that meant I would be able to see him inside, I like the little sequence I shot here some little handheld slides on my nikkor 35-70 manual macro zoom lens.

The lay-by was a quick grab before DVH had to get the train.







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