Camera Rig Builds

Sam Morgan Moore was a finalist in the 1986 ‘Young Engineer for Britain’ with a torch design that was nearly made by Duracell and ‘lived’ in the CDT room at school when not smashing around Ashdown Forest on a home built push bike.

‘It was called metal work then, and we had proper lathes and milling machines’.

A passion for building and design sat along side the photography hobby.A flirtation with Engineering Design at Warwick University added some dicipline to his mechanical knowledge.

‘Taking still photos doesn’t tend to involve mechanical support kit.. but motion cameras are completely different’

‘I first started building when I wanted to mount water proof housings onto surfboards – this was half a decade before GoPro – 10lb camera packages were pretty complex to waterproof, run and place on a surfboard that would not sink’

Now he owns a tiny machine shop and is a collector of grip equipment.

‘I enjoy putting small cameras in silly places’

Recent purchases of wireless focus device, and a HD wireless monitor move this equipment into the professional arena.


Arri Amera camera under a tank build for a 7up advert..

Sony FS7 camera on sliding overhead rig for food shoot