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The Shoot.

Corporate video shot at a weekend conference at Eden in Cornwall. Camera work and Edit by me. And the still on the webpage is mine too!

Some notes on the shoot.

This was a corporate, long day spread over a large location, the kind of shoot, easy with my EX1 and challenging with my ‘cinematic’ FS100, which I chose to use for its more natural look. The opening GV is on a 550d from eden ‘stock footage’ – the weather when I was there was 80% foggy! The beach sequence was with my EX1 where I did not want to carry the heavier camera the unknown distance to the location.

I shot entirely handheld with my T60 rig, two Vlock batteries kept the Small HD monitor and batteries going all day. All the interviews, are with a Sanken CS2 mic fed into both channels of the cameras onboard audio, using a short boom that lives on my rig and can be handed off to the reporter. I used one lens all day; my nikkor 28-85 a range big enough to vary the interviews and acquire Broll, ND is with a TLS matte box and format ND filters.

The camera is used with my Ferrari Profile to give a real, not desaturated look – real colours are hard. Mainly I used  AWB. The final film was given a one hour grade in Resolve. The colour is a little off in a couple of interview shots which were basically conducted in the dark!

Hopefully I got a look, coverage and good audio that are all the challenges of a fast moving day.










written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion