Sam Morgan Moore.

  • Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg (feature, 2015) DOP
  • Named Trains BBC4 Timeshift 60mins 2015 – Lighting Camera Person
  • Secrets of the Brain, Lambent/Insight, 10X60, 2015, B Camera Operator
  • IMDB

Deceptive simplicity.

I intend content and message to shine through my work not from behind a shroud of over complex techniqe. I understand the messages images portray, tellng a story, or reinforcing the values of a brand. I can build those messages. That building process can be simple or a more complex journey.

I am a professional image maker, I work with Digital Video, Digital Stills or both, alone, assisted, or under a director as part of a larger crew.

I hope to be extremely efficient with both crew and budget. To me the digital world has merged into one profession, creation of images. It is an exciting time where a single crew and production budget can fulfill the clients full imaging requirements video and stills for websites, social media, print and press.

Exeptionally well equipped I am based in Bristol in the UK typically working in the M5, M4, M3 box, but regularly going further afield for multi day assigments.

Images have been my dayjob since 1994,

More about my service;

I also design light weight camera support systems HalfInchrails.Com and invented the solution for using a cine follow focus with stills lenses Zip Tie Focus Gear.