The File That Can Go a Mile.

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Playing with some footage (not shot by me but by John Brawley) from the ‘Black magic’ Camera.. Save the file to view the 2k as a jpg


I mean this is stupid, but check out the lack of banding on the rear wall, even when subjected to an extreme grade!


All of these options can happen with no file degradation. More importanly you could correct from any of these points back to a ‘good’ file

Here shooter John was forced to shoot under tungsten and underexpose.. a pullback

Light Background

A cheeky upgrade to 4k .. click it

n.b. I have been quite cheeky with these files, do not evaluate the quality of the camera with them – they are looks only

For those that dont know the BMC is a ‘raw’ shooting camera that is hitting the market soon for around £3k, raw files are extremely flexible in post production – which is why I wanted to have a play and see what looks are buried in the file.



written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion