Black Magic Firmware Requests.

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Well done to Black Magic for binning the dumb Canon mount, and swapping for a far less dumb Dumb MFT mount.

But Im still concerned about cabling the camera, then I realised it is not a design issue, its simply a firmware issue!

Seriously I would like an Image/Menu flip/mirror feature.

It occurs to me the the BMC will have less screen reflections and less cabling issues if  used upside down, not to mention 3 mounting points for a solid mount to the rig without the use of a cage.

Maybe the record button would be more findable too.

Not only could the camera be rigged on the shoulder like this there would be applications in steadicam lo mode and a ton of other times when recording a flipped image would be of use.

Those other features I would like (a growing list no doubt)


An onboard RGB Histogram

This is a basic exposure tool – a must have to use the full amazing DR of the camera

On cameras since 2002, and no dont expose like this ETTR
S16 1080 mode
-to save some data
-to use an established lens line up (S16 PL)
-this would record the 1080 and display markers of the recorded area
-the full 2.5 k would still be shown on the monitor so you can see that dangling boom or light stand you are just about to get into shot
-Just use 1080 pixels, no up sampling or downsampling
Would this lens give a nice 1080 image? ..The sort of lens you can actually pull focus with!
Pre Roll.

I dont know if this is easy, but it is a king for RnG/Actuality
Even better double click the stop button to delete the preroll and save some space
Defish mode  this would be great with the Samyang 8mm, defishing wides in post has be done for years in stills, framing would be easier if a transform was made for the monitor. That 8 seems like a good option for Canon mounters.
To clarify some tweeters, the camera firmware just needs ‘safe area’ crop marks (and ideally a defish LUT) the heavy lift would be done in post!
This cheap Samyang lens has nice manual focus unlike ultra wide zooms.
This is quite mental. in photoshop ‘lens correction’ I took this image from a 10.5 nikkor fisheye and the software had the lens in its database, one click and I had the second image..
The Samyang would be less distorted and have less CA artifacts, as it takes just the middle of a fullframe image.







written by
Sam Morgan Moore - working with cameras since 1995, stills and motion